Adopt a Pet

Have you heard that people live longer if they have a dog.
Don t miss this Social Hour when we will hear from a representative from Saving Grace.
Our speaker will discuss how to choose one of their adoptees November 22 at 3 pm.
When there is interest an employee will set up a Meet and Greet appointment to look at their furry residents, meet and allow an up close and personal meeting to see how the animal interacts with you. The animal will be spayed or neutered when adopted and you may even take the baby home with you the same day. There will even be an opportunity to foster a pet to assess the behavior in a new home or put the application on hold for 24 hrs giving time to decide.
In the event you just love animals but are not able to have one in your home, there are
many who need to take walks or go into businesses to help assure the dog is socialized.
There will be a fee charged with the money being used for vet examinations and the
sterilization process.
A furry friend will accompany the Saving Grace employee so do not miss this Social

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