YIKES! $70,000 Ambulance Bill

Social Hour Speaker scheduled for October 18, 3pm

Here’s a scenario that could happen to any of us…..

You are driving along and get plowed into by a semi truck. Needless to say there are serious injuries. You are transported to Mercy Hospital Emergency Room and are stabilized, however there are problems that they are not equipped to handle and suggest you be transported to OSHU by air ambulance. You will fly directly over the park and your trip would have been exciting if only you could have enjoyed it. A month later in your mail comes a bill for $70,000.

Were this me, I would have to file for bankruptcy. Ronald Sanders of REACH may have an alternative for us. He will explain the Reach (AirMedCare) program but not do a sales job. He will leave contact information in case you desire to join his membership.

Please attend and lend an ear!!!

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