An Insider’s Explanation of Winston’s Wildlife Safari

Want to have the experience of a lifetime? Come to the Social Hour on Friday, October 11 at 3 pm.
A representative from the Wildlife Safari located in Winston will WOW us with information about the Park including volunteer opportunities, various animal programs and a vision of the 2nd most successful Cheetah breeding program on the earth. I assume the most successful is located in the cats native country of Africa.

The cat will be accompanied by two handlers and the Ambassador CHEETAH!!!. You do not need to fear the animal, it will be tethered with leads in the hand of each handler and has been raised to be tame and safe to be around people. You may not touch the animal nor get too close however there will be opportunities to take pictures. We will hold the event in the large room with plenty of space for the cheetah to be paraded around. I think we will be cautioned not to applaud or have loud noises.

This event was made possible thanks to our former residents Tom and Betsi Outland. Tom has volunteered at the Safari for many years and made the arrangements. Betsi will introduce the speaker. The usual charge is around $300 for an appearance however the charge is being waived for us. The Wildlife Safari is dependent on donations and volunteers to operate so lets thank them with a generous gift of appreciation to be collected at the event.

Invite your friends and should our Snowbirds be planning to head south, make sure your schedule is for a later date.

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    There will be tables set up for the craft show Saturday with items on them! Tom Binninger

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