Friends of Ford’s Pond Presentation

Friendship Hour September 20th 3pm.

Jim Houseman, Founder and Past President of “Friends of Ford Pond” will be our speaker. Jim will tell us about the pond location, history and development plans of the area. He will also describe the flora and fauna of the habitat that includes Bald Eagles, a variety of ducks, beaver, nutria, deer, bobcats and bears. Now do not be afraid to go there, most of the scary critters are rarely seen but are identified by the “SCAT” they leave behind.

The 202-acre pond property is planned to be a place where seniors will be able to enjoy nature and exercising. If you have never been there the Pond, located off Church Street, is a great place to sit and watch the denizens as well s to just be amazed at the beautiful surroundings. Non motorized vehicles and boats also to be seen.

Leashed dogs are welcome and there is a portable rest room. You can join a walking group every Monday morning at 9am. Jim and Friends occasionally conduct events and make hats, T-shirts and scarves available to help raise money for continued development. This area is planned to be a beacon of recreation for our already great area.

Do not miss this presentation.

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  1. Sorry Jimmy and I will miss this presentation. We are fans of Ford’s Pond. It is a wonderful asset for Sutherlin.

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