Our (Timber Valley’s) Soup Kitchen

Advertisement for the SOUP KITCHEN event.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is hosting a Friday Friendship Hour Event. The event will take place September 13 at 3pm in the Clubhouse and is for the purpose of collecting non-perishable food stuffs for the SOUP KITCHEN. In the event of an emergent situation where food is needed for our members, the soup kitchen will spring into action using your contributions.

The Friendship Hour gathering will have entertainment including Chuck the Magician doing card tricks and pulling quarters out of your ear and much more. He is really fun and very clever. Francis Dean will perform her rendition of “How Much is That Doggie in the window” and our member who is running for President of the United States will give an update from her cabinet members.

In the meantime there will be a contest to give the presidential hopeful a Stage Name. Please list what you think she should be called and place your entry in the container provided in the Clubhouse. A committee will choose three possibilities to be voted on and the winner will receive a prize.

Items to bring may include but not limited to cans of vegetables, soup mix, top ramen soups, spaghetti and sauce, chili etc.



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