Happenings in Sutherlin, Debbie Hamilton

From the desk of Helaine …

From the Desk of Helaine …

Debbie Hamilton made her third appearance at Timber Valley and gave the large group of members attending all the information of what is going on in Sutherlin. Did you know that our estimated population is now 8140. We are growing. As evidence of growth the Christmas tree lighting has out grown its usual location and will move to Central park which will better accommodate the large crowds. The splash pad has already opened in the warm weather.
On everybody’s mind was Valentine street. Repairs to that teeth chattering street will start in June. Looking forward to a smooth ride.
Tractor Supply is moving into half of the old Ray’s building. Though another business may be interested in the other half no official word on that yet.
Fords pond on the out skirts of the city has a 1.6 mile path around it. Picnic tables and restrooms will be added.
Our Fire Department has grown as well and now includes the fire house on Calapooia . The fire house is now manned 24/7.
Matt Barret was named police officer of the year. Though injured on the job he continued his work from behind a desk targeting computer crimes, nailing the culprits intent on doing harm to others. Snowmagedon shocked the city like it did Timber Valley. They were ill prepared but like us they are taking steps to make sure that they will be better prepared next time.
Oregon Only, the proposed complex will break ground late in 2020. Why so long? Lots of permits and ecological hoops to jump though. Called Oregon Only, the project will feature a convention center, hotel, restaurant, theme park, museum centering on the logging industry and a retail outlet that will sell only items made in Oregon. It will be located between I-5 and old 99. Exit 135 is being prepared for the increased traffic.
And if you feel the need to get a tattoo, Sutherlin has it’s own tattoo parlor, named Wasted Wages. Yes…. we are growing!

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  1. Richard & Vina Taylor says:

    sounds really exciting. we love the tractor place. we were in one at BENSON AZ. A valuable business to have for our little town.
    This all sounds very nice.

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