An Opportunity to Express Your Creative Side??

What about that mess at the corner of State Canyon and Hilltop where the search was on for missing water valves? For now it will be cleaned up further and the area mulched so it looks somewhat presentable.


We’re looking for something different, something more artistic, accented by plantings. Some examples could be: a scene of a campsite complete with some camping gear; something reflective of the lumbering history of our area; maybe something about our Native American heritage; or perhaps a scene from the Oregon Trail. And there are probably many more creative ideas out there.

The Landscape Committee is soliciting proposals from members for ideas and a basic sketch or outline of your idea. The area dimensions are free flowing. It is about 44 ft at its widest; about 20 ft at its narrowest; and approx. 60 ft at its longest.

Idea outlines or basic sketches should be submitted by June 20, 2019 to the Landscape Committee, attn. Dar Hoch. The hope is there are a lot of ideas for the Committee to review and then decide on three (3) to be further developed with professional assistance, if needed, into more formal drawings and plans (including materials and cost estimates). These would then be presented to the membership and the membership deciding what they want to see on that corner.

Questions? Contact Dar Hoch Lot #31 (Chair) or Rockey Shanahan Lot #62 (Co-Chair)

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