Summer Comes Early

It’s Dry Out There!

The dryness of Oregon summers has started early this year. Not only is this looking like another high fire risk year, but also another high water use year as irrigation systems are being turned on early. Sutherlin’s sewer rate increase is 27% this year and we pay the sewer charge on every gallon we use, whether it goes to the sewer or onto the ground for irrigation. That’s a big hit to our M&Os. For your information, we pay 1.3 cents per gallon for water and sewer combined. An in-depth explanation of this is best served in a separate article. So what can we do to reduce our expenses?

  • Consider use of more drought and fire resistant plantings.
  • Use an automatic sprinkler or drip system on a timer.
  • Strive for minimum water use.
  • Automatic sprinkler or drip systems can cause excessive run-off if not set properly and monitored closely.

From the Lot Landscaping Guidelines:
“Water run-off outside one’s lot from sprinklers or automatic watering systems is not acceptable. Monitor watering systems closely to prevent over-watering and run-off.”
When leaving the park for an extended stay, have someone monitor your watering system to ensure it is working properly.

  • Avoid watering during the middle of the day. Best time for watering is early morning or in the evening. During the day most of the water is lost to evaporation and doesn’t benefit anything.
  • Monitor water hoses and hose connections for drips and leaks. Replace hoses and hose washers that are leaking.
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