It Will Be A-May-zing

by Helaine Hepworth

Rundown of May events set at the last Jacks and Jills meeting. It will be a-MAY-zing!

The month of May is lining up to be a busy month. Get out your markers and crayons and note these dates.

May 4, Saturday, 2-4 p.m. – Kentucky Derby party. $3 for ‘Taste of Southern Fare’ by Terry Hilty (# 71). Watch for signup sheets and posters.

May 11, Saturday, 6 p.m. Let’s welcome home the snowbirds with some entertainment from Larry Barry. Bring snacks to share.

May 12, Mothers Day, The Lions club will host a Mothers Day breakfast in town.

May 16, a Timber Valley Cooking Group Dinner at 5 pm for $5 donation, Beef casserole, bread, salad, dessert.

May 17, Friday, 3 p.m. A special talk on what we can do to protect our selves and our forest this fire season. Bring snacks to share.

May 21, Because of the Memorial day holiday Jacks & Jills will meet May 21 at 1 p.m.

May 27,  Memorial day Pot Luck picnic, Snoopy’s Meadow, 1 p.m.

May 28,  Tuesday, 3 p.m. Debby Hamilton, Community Relations Direction, returns to fill us in on all of the news of Sutherlin. Always very informative.

That is a busy month but there is more to think about. Time to clean the sheds and get ready for the annual yard sale in June. This year it will be held both in the clubhouse and on individual lots. Watch for details.

July will bring the Red Cross and a blood drive. There will be signup sheets for that. They need a minimum of 20 donors.

Also on the horizon is the Chapter 9 Homecoming Rally, 4th of July week.

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