Water Inundation Map for Cooper Creek Added

We’ve added a link to an album containing photos of the map shown by Blair Nash at Friday’s Seminar about the Cooper Creek Dam. Blair is with the Sutherlin Water Control District and gave a group of about 60 people an informative presentation including the history of the District, some behind the scenes insights, and the current state of the dam.

Both the dam and the district are in good shape… the dam structurally and the district financially. Other than a small amount of natural settling, the dam hasn’t moved at all during it’s more than 50 year life.  It’s continually monitored for both movement and water intrusion.  During the next couple years the district is considering a project to strengthen the dam beyond it’s current capability.

Link to Map Album

To get the most out of the photos, click on them individually and they will grow in size.  At that point, you should be able to zoom in with your mouse. The map album is also available on the Members Only page.

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