RainedOut Alert System is Invaluable

The value of our RainedOut Alert system has proven invaluable during the past couple weeks. If you haven’t already done so, please, PLEASE, consider signing up so you can be quickly and efficiently informed of urgent park messages and emergency situations.

It’s best to sign up with your cell phone… whether it’s a smart phone or a flip phone. Both can receive the one-way alert messages generated by the system. But if you prefer, you can sign up with your email address.

If you need assistance with signing up, see Rob Hendershot (Lot 82) or Thom Hoch (lot 31).   Addendum:  Kim in the office will also help if you need assistance in signing up.

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2 Responses to RainedOut Alert System is Invaluable

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Office will gladly help you sign up to the RainedOut Alert System too. Just bring your cell phone with you. I’m happy to help out when I can. ~ Kim

  2. Thom Hoch says:

    Kim, thanks for correcting my oversight. Yes, Kim in the office can help you sign up too.

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