Important: Must Include Lot # on Shipments to Timber Valley

Hot News from the Office…

A request from the UPS and Fed-Ex drivers that deliver to the Park:  When leaseholders order items to be delivered, they are not properly addressing the shipping information. Some companies print out the name and 800 S. State Street, Sutherlin, OR 97479, but not including the lot #. In order to “loophole” around this issue, if they fill out their name and their lot # on the same line, it will appear. Example:

John Smith Lot #123
800 S. State Street #123
Sutherlin, OR 97479

The driver states that if the lot number is not present on the label, they are to return it to the sender. He has been stopping at the Office and asking us about the lot # so they will get their package. He will stop doing that and start sending the items back.

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