Water Service Replacement Project Update

project update from Gene Fisher…

Work to replace our failing water services began on Jan 8 on Cottonwood. We chose to begin the project in the southern half of the Park because we have identified the valves control individual sections of it. Sixteen services have been replaced so far. As expected, some of the old services were leaking and most disintegrated as soon as they were disturbed.

On January 17, the Timber Valley Board of Directors voted to extend the contract for the replacement of the water services so that every lot in the Park will be completed. Their decision was based on several factors including: The condition of the services is worse than expected. The contractor is doing a very good job in the work, cleanup and customer service. The contractor agreed to reduce some of the costs of the project. The contractor is available to finish the Park.

The next work will be Alder, Robin Way, Killdeer and Lots 115-117 on Hilltop. Once they are completed, either Hilltop from state to the top of the hill will be done or Dogwood and Madrone.

The project is expected to be completed in May. More specific schedules will be announced when available.

Contractor’s equipment working on a Timber Valley lot

New riser in place and almost ready for back-filling

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