Be Alert for Mystery UTV in Park at Night

From the Office…

Many Leaseholders have heard an unidentified UTV or 4-Wheeler driving through the Park in the evening, late evening and even early morning hours. This UTV may be the vehicle causing the tire tracks at the entrance. Many Leaseholders have tried to track it down, but to no avail. It may be traveling through the streets of the Park and even the storage area. The Sutherlin Police Department has been contacted for additional patrol through the Park in hopes of “catching them in the act.”

If any Leaseholder hears or sees this vehicle, please do not wait until the next day to speak to the Park Manager. Call 541-459-2211, which will dial directly to the dispatch number for the Sutherlin Police Department. If we can catch them in the Park, that would be AWESOME!

Thanks for your help.

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