Merry Christmas RVers

I saw this on Facebook. Written by
Donna Ashby, a member of an rv group. I wrote her and asked if  we could use it and got email back saying yes. Enjoy…


As I sit in my Thermals,the wife in her robe,
We live in our 5th wheel, we call our abode
With the weather turning colder,and no snow on the ground, we figured ole Santa would still come around.

With no slant roof to land on, No chimney to slide, Santa has, for RV’ers, customized his ride.
He cruises up in a sleigh flashing bling,
He knocks on the door, and gives us a ring.

Instead of TV’s, radios and clocks,
He brings what we need, a new set of chocks.
He sets down his bag, and twinkles his nose,
He pulls out sanitizer and a new flex waste hose.

He climbs back in his sleigh, and chimes with a laugh,
He circles the RV, giving it a bath.
As he soars into the sky, and deep out of sight,
Merry Christmas Full timers and have a peaceful night.


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