Please… Please… The Office Needs Your Help

The office staff is asking, no, pleading,no begging, NO, IMPLORING all members to help with the mail situation.

Last week was Summer it seemed and tomorrow is Christmas it seems. The mail room is inundated with seasonal catalogs, cards and gifts in addition to our regular mail. PLEASE pick up your mail daily if possible. Not possible? how about three times a week. Every other day would be a help.

Of special concern are the packages and over size mail. There is only about 12 feet of shelving to store, alphabetically, all of the packages that come in. Sometimes it is so crowded it is hard to find the right package. Other times super large packages get put on the floor where they become a tripping hazard to our staff.

The staff needs our cooperation and help, at least until someone figures out how to cram more mail into the small boxes and invents a shelf stretcher for the packages. They will be so grateful

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