Cougars Spotted in Timber Valley

Cougars have been often spotted in the storage area, but as their numbers increase they are wandering further into the park itself. Just last night, two juveniles where spotted by one of our night walkers.

In the 1960s cougars numbered about 200 state wide. To protect them, hound hunting was outlawed. Now they number 6000 and are being frequently sited in residential areas. There have been attacks on humans in the Springfield area. In our area of Douglas county officials remove 30 cougar a year to lessen attacks on livestock. Officials are considering changing the hunting laws again but in the meantime we must watch out for our pets. The cougar will be attracted to the deer, rabbits and small pets of Timber Valley. They are becoming bolder and unafraid of humans.

If you encounter a cougar, keep calm. Make yourself look as large as possible and back away slowly, keeping the cougar in view, and allowing a clear exit for the cougar. Pick up small pets immediately. Never run or turn your back- sudden movements may provoke an attack.

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  1. So ya know After the first sighting I was able to track the pair of cougars for the following 2 nights. After reporting the sighting that eve I had contact with them again, this time further into the Storage lot in the wooded area on the new path about halfway into the storage area. The Second event after the initial sighting I found our two furry friends across the creek at the bend, where the property ends 100feet into the foothills. Other than the 1st encounter, Neither animal have displayed any aggressive behavior. I believe the first and only “Posture” that was displayed was due to the extremely bright flashlight I had on them for an extended period, I know it’s certainly annoying to me trying to look straight into it. Sadly I haven’t seen them since. Probably for the Best.

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