News from Jacks and Jills Meeting

Jacks & Jills met on 9/24/18. Every member of Timber Valley is automatically a member of J&J which serves the more social side of the park. Some highlights of the meeting are:

The Hugs From Home committee has disbanded. The Veterans have changed their criteria for donations and it was decided to not participate at this time.

Bob Johnson asked if there is a special ice cream treat you would like to have for sale to let him know.

The Timber Valley Cooking Group served 108 dinners at the Volunteer Celebration. A discussion pointed out that the dining hall was too crowded that night making it hard to move around. It was suggested that in the future, if a large number of diners are expected, that some tables be set in the meeting hall

Because of lack of interest there will be no Halloween party this year.

There will be a Ham & Bean dinner on Oct. 24th, 5 pm, 3$. Be sure to sign up.

Though some members wanted the long tables out of the game room it was decided the must stay as they are used by the sewing group, closed board meetings and some committees.

The Sunday ice cream socials will continue until the current supply is used up. Get it while you can.

The rug in the game room has been cleaned. A motion to ban food & drink from the game room failed. Everyone should be careful with their refreshments and clean up any mess or spots they make.

The October craft class will be held on Oct. 31 at 1pm. They will be making reindeer out of corks. Be sure to sign up

Jacks & Jills meet the 4th Monday of the month at 1pm


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