Junky Dumpty Set on a Wall? Com’on People…

Editorial by Dar Hoch….

Subject:   Ongoing incidents of household items that were improperly disposed of.

A number of items that someone thought might still be of use to someone else were arranged by the wall of the potable water fill station as well as against the outside of the dumpster. While the intentions might have been good, it certainly wasn’t a site that was inviting to visitors, guests, or fellow members of the Park. And the burn pile is NOT the place either.

The recycle bins, water fill station and outside dumpster area is not a flea market, a swap meet, or a “free for the taking area”. If you think an item still might have value, check with your neighbors or others in the park. Usable household items can also be placed on the Jacks and Jills Table in the Clubhouse. The money from sales goes back to Jacks and Jills for future events. A good cause for sure.

The ONLY items that go onto the burn pile are plant, tree, or brush material, clippings, limbs, etc. Absolutely no chemicals, manufactured items, treated wood. If you’re not sure, ask the office or Randy for clearance before dumping anything here other than plant material.

Please, help keep our park clean, neat, and a good impression to others as well as ourselves.

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