Monday September 10 – Notes and News

I see on the Park Online Calendar that the Clubhouse Cardroom is closed and off limits this coming Friday (Sept 14) due to carpet cleaning. If anyone was thinking of using this space on Friday, please find another room or corner instead.  Thank You.

There are a number of people who have tried to subscribe to the Timber Valley Website, but have yet to complete the subscription process.  The first part of the process involves providing your name and email address in the little boxes in the right-hand column of the website. The system will then send you an email so you can confirm your desire to subscribe. To complete the process, you must open that email and click on the confirmation link included.  It’s also possible that this email is incorrectly identified as spam by your email provider. So check your spam folder. If the confirmation email is there, you may safely mark it as “Not Spam”, and reply to confirm your subscription.

For those of you out of the park right now, today, September 10 marks the beginning of the Robin Way retaining wall project.  I’ll take some photos during the process and post them for all to see.

I’m preparing a post on the recent Chapter 9 Coast Rally. This was the first Chapter 9 rally that Dar and I have attended, and we had a great time.  Until I can get the post finished, there are photos from the Rally in an Album that can be found under the “Photos” tab on the front page of the website.

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