Temperature is UP & the Voltage is DOWN

During the hot days of summer, when you’re inclined to run your air conditioners at full speed, remember that we need to share the power we have with our neighbors.  Timber Valley was built almost 30 years ago now, and back in those days most RV’s were made with just a single A/C unit.

These days, big RVs can have two, three, or even four A/C units. But we still have the same electric service we had 30 years ago. Our Park’s electric system simply can’t handle the full potential load.  Therefore, we have a rule that limits each lot to running just one (1) A/C at a time.

So, PLEASE, just one A/C at a time.  Thanks…

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5 Responses to Temperature is UP & the Voltage is DOWN

  1. Fred says:

    This is a great system.Thanks.

  2. Jean Knappet says:

    I really appreciaye these blogs. Thank you. Jean Knapper #116

  3. Jean Knapper says:

    I really appreciate these blogs. Thank you. Jean Knapper #116

  4. Rod Zebb says:

    Thom, this is an issue every summer. When we are there I am very active with the landscape committee and busy doing stuff for the park. Norm says that I am young and strong and help even though we are still on the wait list. Hope to get there this year in Sept.

    This power problem needs to be addressed. It will be high on my list to get it resolved when we get a lot.
    Anybody know what to do about it, Norm and Barbara were involved in putting it in.

  5. Because of our beautiful lot and all of our shade we rarely use our air conditioning units. We only ever use one and only for a couple of hours during the 90 degree temps. I realize others need their air and hope we eventually solve this problem! Love our park❤️

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