Got Landscape or Gardening Questions?

Here’s an opportunity to ask a Master Gardener.

Wednesday, JUNE 6 at 3pm in the Clubhouse
Guest Speaker:  Jude Stensland – Master Gardener from the U of O Extension

What types of plants might be best for small space landscaping and gardening?
What can be planted that is deer resistant?
Caring for garden and landscape plantings: when to divide, prune, fertilize, identifying disease or insect infestation?
What plants should be avoided that may be invasive or noxious?
How do I know if I’m watering too much or too little?
What kinds of plants grow best in the northwest?
Good resources for answering specific plant questions?
How can the Extension Service be of assistance?

There are so many questions…

This post brought to you by Dar Hoch and the Landscape Committee.

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  1. Ann David says:

    Dar, if there are handouts, would you please save a copy for me please. We plan on coming to TV the 2nd of july for the week. This looks like a great speaker.

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