More Recycling Changes… Take notice

Yes, the office was alerted to more changes in this ongoing saga of how we’re supposed to be handling our recycling. This change only effects electronics and related items.

Since the Park no longer has an electronics recycling pallet, we’ve been directed to take these items to the Sutherlin Sanitation Recycle Depot on Calapooia Street.

As of today, February 23, 2018, the Sutherlin Recycle Depot will ACCEPT ONLY the following items:  Computer monitors, Computers, Laptops and TVs.  This means … according to their flyer … Computer monitors of any type with a viewing area greater than 4″ measured diagonally; desktop, laptop and portable computers and televisions of any type with a viewing area greater than 4″ measured diagonally.

NON-ACCEPTED items include:  printers, scanners, fax machines, modems, routers, keyboards, batteries, toasters, blenders, heaters, calculators, cables, wires, and any electric appliances.  These items now should be thrown in the dumpster. Anyone leaving these NON-ACCEPTED items at the Sutherlin Sanitation Recycling Depot will be charged with “Illegal dumping.”

The Sutherlin Recyle Depot is still accepting cardboard, newspapers, mixed papers, aluminum cans and metals. The Oakland Transfer site will accept the same items and are now accepting plastics #1 through #7.

Oh, and one more thing:  please remember that any aluminum can or plastic bottle with a deposit on it should be dropped in the Lions collection box. Thanks.

If you have any questions, check with the office.


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