Caregiving Resources in Douglas County

Kendra Buchner and Victory Webber, resource specialists with Douglas County Senior Services Department let us know of a number of local resources and support options  during their recent ‘Caregiving is not for weaklings’ seminar.

Check out these opportunities:

1. Free Family Caregiver Support Group in Roseburg.

Meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m., Douglas County Courthouse, 1036 S.E. Douglas Ave., Rm. 221, Roseburg.

The free support group “offers problem solving, as well as mental support to other in similar situations.  Support groups can also help a caregiver better deal with the illness of a care recipient” and let caregivers know they are not alone.

For more information call (541) 440-3677.

2. ‘Powerful Tools for Caregivers’ is a six-week course on Wednesdays, 1:30-4 p.m., Mar. 14-April 18. (Location to be determined before first class.)

Register by calling: Douglas County Senior Services (541) 440-3677. (FYI Julianne Crane (# 197) has signed up to attend this course. Contact her if you would like to carpool.)

Suggested donation of $30 to help defray cost of the ‘Caregiver Helpbook.’  However, it is NOT required in order to attend the class.

Weekly Topics Include:
Week 1: ‘Taking care of you’
Week 2: ‘Identifying and reducing personal stress’
Week 3: ‘Communicating feelings, needs and concerns’
Week 4: ‘Communicating in challenging situations’
Week 5: ‘Learning from our emotions’
Week 6: ‘Mastering caregiving decisions’

For more information this program click on “Powerful Tools for Caregivers.”

3.  ‘Caring for Family Caregivers’ Conference

Looking ahead to Wednesday, May 16, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Douglas County Fair Grounds, Roseburg.

The free conference will feature guest speakers and resource tables. Sponsored by the Umpqua Band of Cow Creek Indians and Douglas County Senior Services.

For more information contact Jeanne Wright at (541) 440-3608.

4.  Free “Caring” newsletter for Family Caregivers of Douglas County. Available in both electronic and hard copy. To get on mailing list, call Douglas County Senior Services at (541) 440-3677. or email Senior Services.

5. Finally: Don’t forget the great online resource of where they provide tons of free information on Navigating the World of Caregiving.

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