Seminar: ‘Caregiving is not for weaklings’ Fri., 2/9, 3 p.m., free

Whether as a result of a medical emergency or a chronic health challenge, at some point during our lives, most of us (4 out of 5) will find ourselves in the role of caregiver.

AARP reports that “35 percent (of caregivers) are sharing a home with the loved one they’re caring for” …. a “caregiving role might involve …  assisting with everything from bathing and meal prep to medication management and administering injections.”

“If you are sharing a home with the person you’re caring for … caregiving can become all-consuming. You may find yourself playing nurse, coach, nutritionist and social director. All of these roles are important for maintaining your loved one’s mental and physical health. Just don’t neglect your own.”

While all your concerns may not be addressed, there is a free seminar, ‘Caregiving is not for weaklings’ on Friday, Feb. 9, 3 p.m.  It is a chance to learn about resources and support options in Douglas County.

Guest presenters are  Kendra Buchner and Victory Webber, Resource Specialists, Douglas County Senior Services Department.

The seminar takes place in the Clubhouse. Bring your own questions to ask.
 Please bring potluck snacks to share with friends and guests.

One great resource is the AARP Website where they offer free information on Navigating the World of Caregiving

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