Surviving “The Big One” at Timber Valley

As part of the Ad Hoc Committee on Emergency Planning, Gene Fisher (#144) has drafted helpful information on surviving a “disruptive” emergency at Timber Valley.

“Interruptions of one or more of the ‘grids’ we depend on occurs in Southern Oregon every few years. Most are caused by weather and are of minor inconvenience. In the fall of 2012, a windstorm brought down power lines. Electricity in the park was off for four days,” writes Gene

Disruptive events include:
– Hurricane force winds
– 25 and 100-year snowfalls
– Flooding
– Urban-wildland interface fires
– Earthquake

Our ‘grids’ include:
– Electrical power
– Telephone and internet
– Streets, roads and highways
– Money network that connects the vendor’s card-reader and your bank
– Natural gas

To read the full report, click on: “Surviving The Big One.”

A printed copy is available at the office, as is a copy of a “Health Information Profile Packet” to be filled out and placed on the outside of your refrigerator for use by Medical Personnel in case of emergency.

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