Park Wi-Fi Comes to Hummingbird Lane

The notoriously poor Wi-Fi coverage along Hummingbird Lane has been greatly improved with the addition of four new towers there this week.  Wi-Fi operates in the 2.4GHz unlicensed ISM radio band, which is shared with microwave ovens, and is absorbed by the moisture in tree leaves and needles, leaving very little to travel beyond (5GHz Wi-Fi suffers the same problem). Thus, the new tower on Lot 31 (SKPa-31) has an additional radio to relay the Office’s Internet source around the corner of the tree line to feed the other new towers (SKPa-35, SKPa-38, and SKPa-42) on Hummingbird.

At the same time, two existing towers were moved across Quail Run to get away from trees for better coverage; SKPa-48 is now SKPa-67, and SKPa-53 is now SKPa-62. These two towers are located at gaps in the tree line to improve coverage to lots 81 through 87, which have had poor coverage from the Clubhouse due to the surrounding trees. Former Wi-Fi users of SKPa-48 and SKPa-53 will need to select one of the new towers on their devices to reconnect with the park’s system. The tower password is the same as all the rest of the towers.

In addition, another new tower (SKPa-19) was installed on Creekside to improve coverage there and in Boondocking.

The new and relocated towers were installed with the power cables running down the inside of the pipe rather than attached to the outside to give a cleaner appearence and to protect the cable. A map of the new and existing Wi-Fi towers can be found on the website’s Wi-Fi page.

More equipment is on the way to improve coverage in the south half of the park.

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