Today to be the Hottest Day this Week!

The National Weather Service is predicting that today will be the hottest day this week, at 107°F. Tomorrow is supposed to be only slightly less at 102°F, and Friday at 98°F.

The power draw of an air conditioner increases as the outside temperature increases, so during the hottest part of today each air conditioner may draw up to 30% more current than is marked. Additionally, an active water heater or microwave oven pulls as much current as an air conditioner, and an RV fridge can pull about half the current of an air conditioner. Therefore, during this period of extremely heavy air conditioner use, we ask that you use only a single air conditioner, to please put your RV fridge and your water heater on propane, and to be cautious in your microwave oven use as well to lower the peak power draw through the main breakers (we had several trip yesterday). Thanks!

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