Revive the Spirit of Chapter 9

The recent passing of Kay Peterson, who with her husband Joe founded our wonderful Escapees organization, and started the formation of regional Chapters like our Oregon Trails Chapter 9, has prompted many of us Escapees to recognize how much has changed in the past 30 years. This is especially true of our Chapter, which 30 years ago built our beautiful Timber Valley RV Park and subsequently donated it to the cooperative known as SKP Park of Oregon.

I am suggesting that it would be an appropriate tribute to Kay Peterson, and to those Chapter 9 pioneers who built this park 30 years ago, for our Chapter 9 members to revive the spirit that existed then. Can you imagine someone showing up 30 years ago and telling Maxine Riddell and her husband, or Norm and Barb Sherman, that “I’m just here to retire and don’t care to participate in the Chapter’s activities”? Maxine is now 90 and still going strong (including membership in Chapter 9) and will be Grand Marshall of this year’s Timber Valley 4th of July celebration, although she will soon be embarking on another chapter in her life. No matter what your plans are for this 4th of July, please take some time to participate, and to thank, and to honor our founders!

An article on the life of a co-op was circulated in Timber Valley recently and it pointed out that many who come later do not share the pride and satisfaction by those who built the co-op, because they weren’t there from the beginning. But, I suggest to you, this can be easily remedied: Participate now in our park’s activities, including those of Chapter 9. On behalf of Chapter 9, I ask each of you to attend our Park’s upcoming annual meeting, to sign up to participate in our park’s committees and participate in our Fun Days activities. Together, we can – and must – revive the spirit of our founders in order to help one another through what for many are difficult times. Experience the joys our Chapter 9 members fondly remember.

This article, by Rick DeYoung, first appeared in the July Issue of Trailer Tracks

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  1. Rockey Shanahan says:

    Well said! I am hoping this will spark the much needed response from all the members. We are looking forward to becoming a full fledged member. We are 4th on the list and contemplating what we can do to benefit this wonderful park.

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