Wednesday News

Good Morning all;  There’s also a rumor going around that the “yard sale” scheduled for Saturday will be at the clubhouse instead of the golf course. Prospects for rain are high for Saturday and the organizers are making this change to keep both sellers and buyers dry.

Checking the calendar this morning I see the normal Wednesday activities are on the board… Apple Users and QiGong at 10am; Prayer Circle at 3pm; Poker from 4 to 6pm; and Bingo at 6:30pm.  The website team is also going to meet for a few minutes at 10am in some corner of the clubhouse.

Comments on the website:  We invite comments to posts and articles on the website, but recent internet robot activity has prompted me to add “moderation” to the process. What this means is that your comments will no longer instantly appear on the site. Instead, there’ll be a short delay as the true comments are separated from the robot comments, that are just another form of spam. Thanks for your understanding.

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